Welcome To Sunday School Powerpoint

Welcome To Sunday School Powerpoint

Welcome to SundaySchoolPowerpoint.com, formerly RebeccaBrown1.com. Whether you are a longtime follower and supporter or it’s your first time her

e, I’m glad you stopped by!

Here’s what this website offers to you… Weekly lessons that reflect the truth of the Scripture, are applicable for today, and delivered online.

  • One new lesson is added each week and corresponds with Lifeway’s Explore the Bible curriculum.
  • These lessons can stand alone or be used as a supplement to your Bible Study.
  • Each Powerpoint download also includes a script to follow, which saves you time in preparation.
  • Contemporary topics, video clips, stories, and illustrations are used to highlight the Bible teaching and bring the lesson to life.
  • Extensive research goes into the preparation of these lessons, utilizing the works of William Barkley, John MacArthur, John Piper, Warren Wiersbe, and many more, to ensure the lessons  accurately reflect the truth of Scripture and communicate the message of God’s Word.


The lessons are free of charge, though I’d be grateful if you would support my ministry by donating via PayPal.


Thanks and may God bless you as you study His Word!



4 thoughts on “Welcome To Sunday School Powerpoint

  1. I am beginning substitute Sunday School teacher when our regular teacher has to be gone. Please allow me to be on your new posts by email.

  2. I just discovered this website and used some of your content on “Gone to the Dogs” while teaching my Sunday School class. So, so very helpful. I would love to be on your e-mail list!

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